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Half-Birthday Celebration Contest: Day 4

If you are not in the loop for today's fun, please refer to the following link BEFORE proceeding any further (paying close attention to the rules section most especially):

Celebration Introduction and RULES

Today's gift will be your choice of one of the two journals with my published works. The black and white cover from Winter 2010 contains my poem Beautiful Child and the Summer 2011 issue includes my romance addiction article.

Today's trivia comes from a memory I have of a trip to the drive-in. The crazy thing is that I am actually old enough to remember what the speakers in the photo sound like, first-hand. That would not be such a big deal except some people have never even SEEN these crackly-sound producers in real life.
So anyways. Back to the story.

My parents never provided me with sisters, so every so often I was allowed to bring a friend or two along whenever we went on family outings to provide me with girl time. I really do not know why I remember this trip to the drive-in so vividly, but I do and so it is one of the treasures in my head I choose to share.

This friend, Krista, and I got to watch the show on the top of our big, white van, eating popcorn and licorice ropes and we played on the playground in between the showings. I remember it being fun, yet feeling awkward going on the merry-go-round in the dark. It must have been something to do with being out with a friend. Maybe I felt awkward because I thought the world of her and she was in my family environment. Who knows? Kids are just weird sometimes.

And now getting back to this party business--

The trivia question is:

The year is 1986 and the movie stars David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly in the lead roles. 

What is the name of the movie I watched with my friend Krista?

When you make your guess, be thinking about which journal you would like if you win.




  1. It is Labyrinth!! I just watched it with my kids. Love me some David Bowie :-)

  2. Hey! I need that second journal with your Romance Addiction article...since the bookstore sent me the WRONG one! Jerks. So, the answer is Labyrinth. I'll never forget David Bowie's hair...(((shudder)))

  3. Labyrinth...that movie scared me when I was little...don't know why. Like you said, kids are weird.

    Cami A.

  4. Labyrinth is fun movie the Summer 2011 issue sound fun

    purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

  5. It's Labyrinth! :)
    Emily Yates

  6. Yep, it's Labyrinth

    I always found that movie scary as a child....


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