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The Tomato Joke

Ok. I am not much of a joke teller. People say I am funny, but it is only due to the fact that I know how to stick my foot in my mouth, laugh at myself, laugh with everyone laughing at the foot in my mouth, and keep going in my typical serious way without crying over any of it 99.9% of the time.

I really want to tell a joke today though, so a joke is what you will get. How well I tell it is very much in question, but tell it I must:

Once there was a mama tomato and her kid tomatoes heading to the farmer's market. They were crossing the road and mama tomato was hurrying the little kid tomatoes along by telling them HURRY UP, HURRY UP! Then--just before the the last little tomato got to the other side--a car drove past and hit it and mama tomato called out to the little tomato -- KETCHUP!

First of all, I probably did not get it entirely right because I can only truly remember the first knock-knock joke I ever learned (my mom told it to me--will tell on another post sometime), but I hope you get that it is funny or have heard it elsewhere and I merely reminded you of when you heard the good version of it and are now laughing. When I first heard this joke, it struck me so funny that I laughed out loud and my kids were astonished because I don't laugh really hard very often.

 And lastly, I think that mama tomato is from the Southern United States. Her accent gives it away :)

Happy Wednesday, peeps!

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