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a few things i cannot photograph

     mother's laugh
 my father's generosity
anguish over failing relationships
      workings of my daughter's mind
     new baby giggles so cherished                 the smell of my mother's skin
joy found in making friends                   when she gave me the last hug
   desire for devotion
    innocence gone

A Snapshot of My Heart


  1. FYI: the creative effect does not show up on mobile devices... it should look like a sideways heart.

  2. I have a son in the autistic spectrum, and have lost both my parents. I can completely relate to this post, however... When I got to the last thing on the list, I just lost it. It's been nearly 24 years, but I can still smell her perfume from time to time.
    Thank you for this wonderful list.

  3. TOGGM: It brings me happiness to know that my efforts to uplift and touch others have reached
    you and that you appreciate what I wrote. So many of us have these invisible things encapsulated within our tender hearts

  4. Beautiful! It's amazing how we can capture images with a camera, but what we remember most are the things that are etched in our minds. Very well done!

    Happy #CommentDay


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