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Jules and I have been tossing around the idea of putting together a purple dinner and photographing it.  But this is from out of my WILDEST DREAMS! Isn't that the most elegant, purplicious gorgeousness you ever did see? Seriously, I do not think anyone could think up anything more fabulous than THAT!  So come this Spring, I know exactly what I am up against and I will most certainly refer to this photograph as my yard stick to measure up to :)

Happy Wednesday, peeps!


  1. That looks so lovely, it almost would be a shame to eat it

  2. THAT is exactly what I was thinking! I love treats too much to let it sit for longer than after a million photographs are taken though. I can almost smell those cupcakes :)

    If we do that dinner idea, there will be a massive photography shoot. We want to wait until Spring when there are a lot of fresh blooms and such to decorate with natural stuff along with the essential glitters and metals, etc.!

    Glad you like it, too.


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