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Half-Birthday Celebration Contest: LAST DAY

If you are not in the loop for today's fun, please refer to the following link BEFORE proceeding any further (paying close attention to the rules section most especially):

Celebration Introduction and RULES

Gift for the DAY: $20 coupon for Simply You Simply Me
Today is a bit of a sad day because it has been wild fun getting to goof off like this, but all good things must come to an end. In spite of that fact,we shall have an AMAZING day today! The gift for today is just too great to not be glad.

The prize has been generously provided by a dear friend. 

When I was around 12 or 13, I met the tallest, most beautiful twin girls ever. I  can't remember exactly (I hope y'all are figuring out my memory is rusty), but at least one of them used to wear this bright blue eye shadow and it was just SO cool to me. I won't ever forget being at a pool party at their house and I was so short in the pool and they seemed to be able to touch even in the deep end! And to top it all off--their mascara did not come off even though they got soaked!! It was magical to my inexperienced mind. (And yes, I have long since learned that water-proof mascara is quite common.) I was mesmerized by their older girl with-itness for certain. 

Plus, they were both kind to me. The memory of their kindness has stuck with me over the years and its impact remains just as strong. Simple kindness makes a world of difference to the trodden down and broken-hearted, no matter what age you are.

Going on a tangent-- what is up with me and pool parties and mascara? go to Suzanne, Jewelry, and the Cure to read another little diddee on those subjects. 

Now back to the story at hand: 

So anyway, due to the connective powers of Facebook, I was able to reconnect with Dawn (one of the twins and gift giver for today's fun).

If you have ever been on the Simply You Simply Me website, you will agree that this is where it's at for the BEST digital scrapbooking fun. Creativity and exquisite taste themes every collection I have seen.  Here is a fabulous description of what this service offers:
Turn your memories into art! Do you love to scrapbook, but don't have the time to pull out all of your supplies, scrap, and then clean up the mess? You don't have to! Just turn on your computer!
And the best part is, not only do you have that lovely "undo" button for any mistakes, but you can use everything over and over again! Create Memory Books, Scrapbooks, Photo Books, Baby Books, even Wedding Albums! The list goes on and on!

Now-- how to enter the Friday Hat drawing:
As the several party guests over the past week know, there are already names in the Friday Hat. Everyone who made a guess and did not win has a name paper for each day they made an entry, while those who won had their winning day's name thrown in the trash. By being a loser on previous days, your chances of winning today are higher. WooHoo! And that is the first way to win today. 

The second way to win will be to share any ALL THINGS PURPLE blog post written by ME which is not part of the contest. This can be done by recommending one you enjoy on your Facebook wall with why you like it, SHARING it on someone else's (or somemany else's) Facebook wall(s), via Twitter with #iheartpurplstuff hashtag and mention @th_purpl_lady, via StumbleUpon, email, or as a link on your own blog.

Your entry will be counted by commenting on THIS post with
1) The title of the blogpost you liked enough to share and 
2) the method by which you shared it

You may share unlimited blogposts and each separate blogpost share counts for an entry in the drawing. 

For example if I were trying to enter, I would comment:

Women are Amazing via Facebook 
The Politics of Princesses and Hair via link on Name of Blog

and I would have three (3) entries for the drawing 
(your comments won't have links though)

Also, any friends that leave a comment on the post(s) you recommend will get entered to win as well. They must leave a comment specifically telling me who recommended it and leave their name, if necessary. 

I decided to have a Share-a-thon because I know that those who enjoy my writing will best know who might also find this little purple niche I have created to be a refreshing place to visit. 

Having an audience for my thoughts and creative works brings me happiness. Thank you, in advance, for your help to share my writing with others.

Lastly, don't forget to come back to check who wins the super gift! 
It could be YOU!


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  2. @Darcy: not sure if my verbage was clear so I edited the directions for today...

    @Everyone else: I hope you find SOMETHING on this blog of mine worth sharing.

  3. Caring one of the essentials via blog

  4. I love that you remember Ang's eyeshadow color! That's awesome! lol.
    Good luck with the contest! =)


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