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BYU vs. Utah - What Color Do YOU Bleed?

I have never really understood the saying "I bleed..." of ANY color other than the natural red color that comes out of our bodies. And I'm sorry, but isn't that a given? I thought we learned our colors in like kindergarten and first grade, at the very latest for non-intellectually disabled persons. Actually, the saying has seemed rather silly and even bizarre to me, just to be completely honest with you.

But in light of the fact that my school's rival football team bleeds red physically and figuratively, AND today is THE RIVALRY GAME of the season (aka the holy war), I feel a need to join in-- just a bit.

The University of Utah is a fabulous school. I have many friends, as well as know doctors from all over the country who have treated my children, that graduated from that fine university. So, my partiality to BYU has nothing to do with the value of the academics the U of U has to offer.

Obviously, I find the educational experience at Brigham Young University fantastic, even superior to that which any other school can offer me, or I would not attend BYU. The instructors are amazing, the positivity that prevails on campus is priceless, and the mint brownies are to die for! Seriously though, I truly enjoy my time learning in the classrooms of such a great school. I am blessed and quite fortunate to have the opportunity to be there. I cannot thank the donors of my scholarships, over the past couple years, enough. They make it a reality for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

So back to this rivalry thing. It all simply boils down to school loyalty. We have two great schools getting together in a good old-fashioned rivalry sort of way for a football game. This Holy War stuff keeps life interesting and fun (so long as people don't take it too far). There are people bleeding red and people bleeding blue, so where does that leave me?

Well, I naturally bleed red and attendance at my school supposedly adds figurative blue to my blood; therefore, I BLEED PURPLE!

I knew there had to be a reason why I love purple so much and now we all know why :)



  1. I think bleeding purple makes you extra awesome! Go cougars!

  2. Theresa: you are one of my new best friends :)

  3. I take full responsibility for BYU's loss tonight. Me talking football brought them bad luck.
    I gave myself a flashback of Olympia Dukakis's character in Steel Magnolias doing the radioshow in the locker room...


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