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Seeking to Become - September

photograph by C. N.
 Psalms 105:4
4 Seek the Lord, 
and his strength: 
seek his face evermore.
This psalm is simple. It is short. Yet, I believe the challenge in becoming more like the Savior lies in doing the small and simple things--consistently. Why is it such a challenge to establish a pattern of daily prayer? or daily scripture study? Both of those things do not take a huge amount of time if you don't have it to give. One valuable verse of scripture can be read in less than one minute. 
For the September Seeking to Become challenge, I will strive to commit myself to read at least one scripture a day and ponder on it through thought and at least one personal prayer every day until the next Seeking to Become. My hope is that I will create a habit that trials and adversity cannot break. 
Please join me in the challenge and I invite you to share any insights or special experiences you have along the way in the comments sections below.

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