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Half-Birthday Celebration Contest: Day 1

If you are not in the loop for today's fun, please refer to the following link BEFORE proceeding any further (paying close attention to the rules section most especially):

Celebration Introduction and RULES 

Right out of high school, I started working at a local video rental store. It wasn't just any old video rental store either. This place was HUGE and it had themed sections with large hand-painted murals on the walls and even structural stuff to make particular sections inviting to customers. For instance, the children's section had depictions of cartoon characters on the walls and fun stuff like that.

There were two sections that were horrible to go into (for me) on a regular basis. First, the ADULT section had these pink walls with swinging saloon-type doors to go through in order to put away the rental movies. I can't remember exactly what it looked like, but visions of red lights and lacy curtained windows also come to my mind. I think it was so traumatizing that I have blocked it out. So anyway, the other section was the HORROR movie section. This section of the store was at the back corner, had a creaky wooden floor, bad lighting, and a crazy porch you had to step onto in order to get to the movies. This one manager, Eric, used to love to tell me to go straighten the movies in the horror section just so someone could take a turn going and seeing how loud I would scream/how fast I would jump because I AM such a scaredy-cat. I could hardly get myself to go into that room without a buddy going in with me. If you can't tell, I don't watch so-called adult or horror films. Both are just disturbing to me.

One of the FABULOUS things about working at The Video Park was how we watched movies during our entire shift. If you were checking movies in or out for customers, there were 6-8 televisions on top of a row of columns directly facing the customer service area. We used to take turns choosing the movies. We had thousands of movies to choose from, but every once in awhile, we girls would get on a kick and watch the same movie over and over and over (well, until one of the guys would put his foot down to stop the madness and choose a different one!) I can honestly say I have seen The Sandlot HUNDREDS of times and not exaggerate at all. and there are several more titles, except my memory escapes me at the moment.

This brings us to the very first gift for the day! My friend Denise, who also enjoyed employment at the aforementioned establishment, has graciously donated her fabulous photography services. The lucky winner of today's trivia contest will receive:

(1) ONE-HOUR PORTRAIT SESSION with Underground Photography, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, with NO SESSION FEE

I do realize this gift is geographically specific, so the winner of this particular gift MUST live in Las Vegas or the surrounding area OR plan a trip to Las Vegas and coordinate your session within your vacation itinerary. Anyone making a guess who does NOT fit that criteria must state that they want their name to go into the hat for the Grand Prize only instead of the hat of the day. For example, if my guess was purple licorice, I would type in the comment section:
Purple licorice -- GRAND PRIZE ONLY, please.

Whether or not you put the please part is up to you :)

And now, without any further ado--

Trivia Question of the Day:

In The Sandlot, who makes the following statement?:

Let me tell you something kid; Everybody gets one chance to do something great. Most people never take the chance, either because they're too scared, or they don't recognize it when it spits on their shoes.

And please! Remember Rule #1: DO NOT USE A SEARCH ENGINE to find the answer!

Good Luck, Everyone!


  1. The sultan of swat, the king of crash, the colossus of clout, Babe Ruth...THE GREAT BAMBINO!!

  2. the babe entering for the GRAND PRIZE ONLY

  3. "The Babe"----GRAND PRIZE ONLY please!

  4. Babe Ruth. dont worry about giving me a prize. Nice writing laura. I could totally picture the video park. Wow how I remember that place.


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