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Half-Birthday Celebration: Day 3

If you are not in the loop for today's fun, please refer to the following link BEFORE proceeding any further (paying close attention to the rules section most especially):

Celebration Introduction and RULES

Source: google.com via Beverly on Pinterest

I haven't read the book yet, but most definitely plan on it because of how the movie brought to life a most important story. The events depicted within the film touched my heart and the superb acting hit home the injustices that were occurring even a mere half-century ago in The United States of America--a nation claiming to offer liberty to its citizens. There are some parts in The Help that are hard to watch, unpleasant--even offensive--to the ear, but give a true snapshot of the times. I recommend the movie to men and women, ages 15+

I went to see this movie for a Girls Night Out with my sister-in-law Darcy, who writes My Artistic Ventures and we had a marvelous day. We did a mini-card class, she hung out with all the children while I went to a church dinner party, then she and I hit the theater for the late show!  We laughed and cried.

Also while watching the movie, we could hear booming thunder from outside and it was pouring rain like crazy when we got out. She and I chatted all the way to my house, and then we carried sleepyheads covered in blankies to her car. It was a special time to spend. In order to make sure I don't ever forget it, I share the story here-- with you.

The fabulous gift for today is a gift certificate offered by Darcy for a delicious 3-layer cake:

click HERE to view samples of Darcy's artistic and tasty cakes

for Contestants outside Northern Utah, you may choose from a FEDEXed box of fresh cookies OR put FOR GRAND PRIZE ONLY on your answer and your name will go directly into the Friday Hat

The Trivia of the Day will be: 
To read this saying

and tell us something about yourself proving that you are kind, smart and important.  

It can be one example for each quality or an example showing all three qualities in one short paragraph. 

For example, I would write: 
Kind- I help my neighbors whenever I have spare time.
Smart- I know how to drive a car and have never got a ticket. 
Important- I am a mother. I am a friend. People might miss me when I die.

I know it isn't the normal sort of trivia, but if we can't even answer three short questions about our own selves, what good is it to know all the other so-called real trivia? 
Plus, such a fabulous gift should take a bit of work (I think). 

Be kind to yourself, write as smart as you can, and remember this is important -- even if it is just to win a delectable dessert by Darcy!

*Anyone using self-deprecating language to somehow validate their answer will be disqualified*

And why are there not any boys joining the party? Are parties a girly thing? I really thought I designed a party-for-everyone party. Oh well! Too bad for them if they don't want to participate!


  1. I am kind- I take time each day to spend one on one time with me kids!
    I am smart- I hold to my testimony with all my heart! I am not too shy to share it, but it is what gets me through the tough times
    I am important- because my husband says so...lol

  2. I is Kind- Because I try to be a genuine friend.
    I is Smart- Because I graduated college with honors.
    I is Important because my Heavenly Father made me and gave me life and wants me to return to Him because he loves Me!

  3. I am kind because I enjoy serving others.
    I am Smart because I seek after knowledge on a daily basis.
    I am improtant because I was born. It may sound silly , but the fact that we are all here means we are improtanat. :)

    Emily Yates

  4. I am kind because I serve my neighbors and friends as often as I can...making meals, sending thoughtful texts to let them know they are loved.
    I'm smart because I am a good writer.
    I'm important because i'm the only one that can kiss my child's hurt away, and make them laugh through their tears.

  5. The anonymous comment above is mine...Cami Ashworth

  6. I am kind because I am a good friend and try to help others when I am needed.
    I am smart because I have an English degree, love to read and write and can speak a second language.
    I am important because I am a daughter of our Heavenly Father...and without me, my husband would starve and my children would be forced to wear dirty clothes every day. ;)

  7. I am kind:Because I clean the house, can peaches make dinner, and pick green beans so my mom and have fun sewing with her friends.
    I am smart: Because I have a 4.0
    I am important:Because I am a daughter of God (also because I am a Texan)

    Camilla A.


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