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School Parking

Tuesday Morning
This week has been interesting, to say the least. My class schedule definitely pushes me to my limit with all my other responsibilities crowding in for their slice of the time pie. But-- this is not a complaint session!  I want to share a bit of funny inspiration that hit me whilst heading to my first class the other day.

Every morning this week, I have been STRESSED OUT trying to find a parking spot. Anyone who has ever attended a university (and drove their car to it) probably knows what I am talking about. Parking a car in a spot that actually sits on university property during the first bit is an absolute dream for anyone arriving after 9:00 a.m.  Well, you might end up in one of the dream spots, but you will probably be late for class waiting to get one like I was on Wednesday. Talk about irritation! So on Thursday, I left for school two hours before my class begins and I still could not just pull into a spot. I had to start hunting. I was desperate, seriously desperate. All I kept thinking in between prayers for one little spot for me was: Why in the world doesn't the university engineer a better parking situation?

Then, it dawned on me: everyone was probably wishing, hoping, and yes, praying like me for that one spot to hold their vehicle while they go learn.

The university facilitates the largest group prayer effort every single semester and they don't even have to make an announcement!  Who would want to change that?

This all came to me after finding a blessed spot out in the south 40, so maybe ask me that question next time I am late for class over no parking.

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  1. we would always park at the Marriot Center, that was at 8 or 9 though. Glad I don't have to worry about it anymore! Thanks for letting me know about your post!

    - Holly


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