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Blog Buddies, Twitter, and Me

Holy Cow, Peeps!

I was gone all day at school fighting for my academic life, and I came home feeling wiped out until I checked my email....all that comes to mind to say is: DUDE! and What the?!? How did I get discovered?

After noticing a trend in the absolute flood of Twitter connections, I began investigating who might have been the catalyst to such a fabulous gift of new readership.

Many thanks goes to my blog buddy who writes Practical Frugality . I cannot remember how exactly I found her in my blogging discovery adventures, but she and I have been getting to know each other a little bit better over the past couple months.

I saw a post she did about StumbleUpon and I had been wanting to make better use of that resource, so I contacted her.  Ms. Practical Frugality assisted me in getting the word out on some of my poems, most notably are In Her Footsteps, My Hope For Eternity, and An Angel Has Flown. I love to write; poetry gives me a voice I dare not speak aloud in.

Thank you, Karen. Thank you for enjoying my writing, helping me with technical stuff, and being a fabulous blog buddy. And by doing these things, you have given my voice a microphone--a megaphone in the making. I am so grateful. The best part about the gift you gave is that I don't sell anything on my blog. I want to make money by my pen some day, but it isn't happening right now. I have nothing to offer in return for this gesture of kindness.

It was done out of friendship with no other motive than to help get what I have to say out into the wide, wide world.

To all the new folks--welcome!
Please join in the several conversations. No article or post is too old to start up something fresh.
It will be my pleasure to get to know you better as you come along with me on this adventure.

Blog Buddies

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