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competitive and perfect

This slice makes one week of them, and even I am wondering how I will make it through this challenge. A couple of things keep me going. 

First, how on earth can I expect my students to make it through thirty-one days of writing without me leading the charge? It would be pretty pitiful if I couldn't make it, but they did. Pih. Tih. Ful. And my competitive nature won't allow that to happen. End of that discussion. 

Second, this is my fifth year participating in this Slice of Life writing madness. It's too perfect of a streak to ruin things—at least that's what I keep telling myself each time I stay up too late or get up extra early to get this stuff busted out.

Slice of Life is worth it. The ideas, the feedback, the support, the challenge: I love it all. 

Now, I just need to get through twenty-six more slices, and I'm home free . . . until next March. 


  1. I wonder that myself. This is my first slice challenge, but I have to say that I'm really loving it. I really enjoy scrolling through and reading as many slices as I can every day. It is inspiring to know that others do find it challenging, but they are doing it.

    1. The fact that it has the word challenge in the title, tells us it will be difficult yet rewarding. I love knowing that a first timer has visited! Thank you for stopping by.


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