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summer fires

The promise of fireside chats in the backyard have me excited for summer. Burning marshmallows and doing Dutch oven chicken are what summer nights were made for. Seeing the stars on a clear warm night that's just chilly enough to need the fire and possibly a blanket, children playing nightgames with flashlights in the park behind the house, wishing for the day to linger: these are the things that make summer something to long for. Adventure still whispering our names means summer to me. Driving in cars, going for plane rides, jaunts on the train. Trying new things, dancing in the dark, and taking time to connect and make new memories. Summer does something to us. Perspective  shifts and perception deepening each year with the sunshine on those warm, sunny days, lighting fires in hearts that never go out. 

Summer is coming. 

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  1. I love your header-nothing like chocolate cake to get the spirit moving!


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