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playing in the background

I hear my song. I hear your song playing in the background. Layers of love and heartache. I hear music in every moment of the day. Words are music. A chord. A melody. Harmony. That's something I want. Peace and harmony in every facet of my life is the goal. Goals take us places we long to be. Goals make up the words for the song we find within our hearts. Our hearts hold the song we were born with and share it only with those who care enough to listen to its tune. 


  1. I always have a song playing in my "mind's ear." I actually had to change the type of music I was listening to, because I couldn't always get the music to match my purpose or mood. I needed that music to be positive and meaningful. What you write resonates with me in that way. Thank you.

    1. I have had to get choosy with music as well. It can derail me if I'm not being mindful. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone!

  2. I love your poetic paragraph. I love this line: Goals make up the words for the song we find within our hearts.

  3. I love how you said you hear music everywhere. I feel the same way. It's what I focus on when I get rattled or anxious. The music both outside and inside. I love this!


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