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have your cake and eat it first

This slice of cake has a story. 

For Christmas, I decided to give each of my children the gift of time going out with me, so I got each of them a gift card to a different restaurant or store, and they had one-on-one with me for the afternoon or evening as we could work things out. This slice of cake is from one of those outings that we call mom-time

One of my girls and I went downtown to enjoy some dinner and shopping, but we started with dessert first, and I've decided that's the only way to go around here. If you're going to have cake, you might as well eat it first or the cliché wins. 

Or something like that. 

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  1. As soon as my daughter (whose favorite color is, coincidentally, purple!) is old enough to realize that having dessert first is a special treat, we're doing it. What fun!


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