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the tipping point

Sometimes growing up can be tricky with not really knowing what to let go of and what is valuable forever. 

I did this funny thing called grow up, but you know what's even funnier—how it didn't seem like I was growing up at all. Little by little it just happened. 

It really is difficult to tell when the scales were tipped, but I believe it could possibly have been the first time I decided to not go outside to jump on the trampoline when everyone else was going. It truly could be when I gave my Barbie collection away when I went into sixth grade because "I am too old for Barbies now."  Or maybe it was when I finally stopped dressing up for Halloween (last year). Maybe it was when I had to say goodbye to my parents. 

But then again, it could possibly have been the moment I decided not to run after the boy I like, realizing that he will come to me when he's ready. 

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