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tiny friends

The little children see me in the hallway, and they either smile or they cry. Being the song leader at church for 1 1/2-3-year-olds has been one of the happiest things for me in a long while. These tiny people love me just because I make sure they have snacks and I sing with them for 5-10 minutes (depending on their behavior) once a week. 

The cutest thing happened when one of the little cuties' mother ran into me at the store. Her son was in the shopping cart, and she didn't call attention to me until he was right next to me, and the look of pure surprise and wonder and disbelief at how his music teacher could be at the store was priceless. I'll never forget that look. I felt so beloved as a person in that moment—even though he was rejecting reality! 


  1. In their eyes YOU have celebrity status. I loved how you told this story.

  2. Tiny people have their world in place. A teacher in a wrong setting can be confusing indeed. I like the warmth in your words when you speak about the tiny people and this meeting.

  3. Songs and snacks, can life get any better at age 1-2? What patience you must have! Love the description of the little boy when he recognized you.


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