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spring break debate

I can't be sure if having spring break is a good thing or a bad thing. 

On one hand, it seems like everyone really needs a little reset once the weather begins to turn warmstudents and teachers. Families use the time to slow down or get out of town. It feels good to take a break from the breakneck pace many of us are operating under. Spring break offers a chance to catch our collective breath. 

But then we have the other hand. Once that spring break is over, how many of you feel trunky for summerstudents and teachers alike? I plead the Fifth. So much still must be done or school would just let out until fall at spring break. It feels like the momentum to press onward gets dampened, and that doesn't help anyone to accomplish valuable things. 

I can't even wrap my mind around what I just wrote. Like, I am leaning toward no spring break, push through, get'er done, and get out of school a week earlier at the end of the school year. Who am I anymore?!

If you could have it your way, which would you choose? And why? 


  1. I go back to work today, too, and I am definitely in the "yes" camp. I needed the break and feel that we are all refreshed and ready to finish the last third of the year with renewed energy.

  2. I wrote about Vacation's End today too. I need spring break!!! But it is hard for students and teachers to take a break and then get back into the groove of things again.


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