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five years ago

I had this idea six years ago to write stuff on a blog, maybe post fun photographs, possibly have a place for my poetry and other musings. I posted one photo that I really liked but wasn't my own—it was a family member's photo of my purple flowers in my front yard. I like to think of that one post as my trial post and not the true beginning of things.

The true beginning was five years ago today. I graduated to using my own photograph, but the photo wasn't edited, and I had no idea what exactly I would be doing or how to get it done. I began reading every type of blog there was to read, observing what I liked and did not like, getting a feel for what it meant to have a blog. And then I ran with it. 

I joined blog groups where people support other bloggers by reading, commenting on, and sharing links. I created a button that a few people added to their own blogs to help me get the word out about something I didn't even know what it would become. On the half-birthday each year for a few years, I did some giveaways, but when I had to get busy and finish school, that little tradition had to get left behind. I really loved doing it, and it felt so nice to see who wanted to offer fun things to giveaway in celebration, but life is what it is—a demanding taskmaster. 

I am proud of myself for sticking with this one thing: I began a monthly scripture challenge entitled "Seeking to Become" five years ago in August that I continue to write. I've added a few more staples to the blog as well. It has become a home for my draft poetry and personal narrative writing, as well as my photography in varying degrees of excellence. I've done several book reviews—but none recently. I tried to get that going again this summer, but my teacher skills need to get sharper before I can split my time any further than it is already with having children at home and other pressing matters popping up at a breakneck pace. 

And then we have the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers that I've been participating in since March 2012. The overwhelming support I have received from this writing community has helped me through many challenges over the years. It has blessed my life in surprising ways, and I'm always learning from fellow slicers. I am continually inspired to keep on writing through and past the pain of daily life. I am continually cheered on and celebrated when I am tasting sweet success and joy. I cannot imagine my life without this facet of writing slices of my life. 

While I couldn't get any real party off the ground to celebrate this momentous occasion, I still want to make note of its significance in my life. I am thankful; I am encouraged; I have a place to lay my burden and not quite expect but can safely hope for supportive words to come my way. I have readership numbers that show ever increasing growth. I know people read my writing. And it feels amazing. 

I was once told that no one would ever want to read what I have to say, and for five years, I've been proving that statement wrong and doing it with a smile (most of the time). 

I feel deep gratitude for all of the time you, my readers, have given me in reading, commenting, and sharing these words of mine. You rock my world, you light my fire, you keep me writing as you give me hope that one day I will see a book of my own creation in print—and people might actually purchase it! 

Here's to the past five years and many more than five years more. Thank you! 


  1. Five years! That is truly something to celebrate. I agree with your words about the support that comes along with participating with this community of writers. It is an amazing experience. As a friend of mine says, "Keep on keepin' on!" Well done!

  2. Great job! And who was it that said no one would read what you have to say?? Sounds like a mean big sibling thing to say. Send 'em my way and I'll take care of 'em. ;) Congrats on that accomplishment, and keep on going. Blog through the busy times, blog through the winters, blog through the highs, blog through the lows. Just keep going!

  3. Five years is awesome! Congratulations. I hate that someone told you no one would read what you have to say. I'm glad you see you can prove them wrong. Kuddos to you for sticking with it. This is my first year participating in the Slice Challenge, so I'm glad I found you and am ready to hear your voice!

  4. It is worth a celebration for sure! Great job for sticking to it and not listening to "that Person"!

  5. Wowsers! I'm so impressed by five years! Happy anniversary!


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