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what I'll leave behind

I don't have floorboards, so I'll find baskets or storage bins.
I'll find something to hold memories within. 
Between the layers of schoolwork and drawings I’ll leave:
Notes for my children, sporadic and heartfelt. 
All the worries and doubts I never voiced. 
A list of chances I took that didn't pan out. 
Piles of photographs printed yet never framed. 
Ideas that saw the light of day—and some that were buried with time.
The wish I could have gotten the better of laundry instead of it getting me. 
Journals peppered with words I never intended to be read but wrote down anyway. 
Love. Remembrance. Faith. Thanksgiving for this life I've been given. 
Tucked in boxes, bins, and baskets, I'll place these things for someone to find.
What will you leave behind? 
Words inspired by this slice: Underneath My Floorboards


  1. I had to nod at some of the stuff left behind. I have given thought to this before. I found a couple notes from my mom after she died, that are precious to me.

  2. This is really beautiful. Wish I had seen this format before. I would love to try it.


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