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volunteer and patriot

I went to my very first caucus this year, and I was elected to be a county delegate for my area. Talk about thrown into the deep end! 

After listening to what is expected of the delegates as I first walked into the room, I thought to myself, Who has time for this stuff? No one I know. Yet I saw people I know heading up the show. I don't have time for this stuff. But who will keep America strong if no one has time for it? We haven't had excellent presidential candidate options for several years because the best people aren't digging in, or maybe the best people become corrupted by digging into the process? The people I saw at the caucus are good people. I should offer to do my part if someone will nominate me. I need to use some of the time I don't really have to spend doing something to help the country I love. I will do it for my neighbors, my children, and myself. And then, I got nominated for precinct chair, didn't get it, but proceeded to let people know that if they'd like me to represent them, that I'd like to be nominated to be a state or county delegate, and it was all over from there.

The nearly four-hour process was awe inspiring, and I must say that I feel proud to have such an active sense of volunteerism as well as patriotism. Within a very short period of time, I went from an uninvolved opinion thinker to an elected delegate representing others.  

Now, I just need to learn what to do and how I'm going to do it. 


  1. How exciting and overwhelming at the same time! My daughter enjoyed going to her first caucus in Iowa this year. An excellent way to be part of the election process.

  2. This is very exciting! The election this year has me shaking my head and wondering "did they really say that"!?!

  3. Excellent thoughts about your caucus experience and our need to be more involved. For most of my life I considered myself too flawed to be involved in politics, but I know I'm honest, ethical, moral, hardworking, and informed. That's enough, yes?

    BTW, I like that you spoke up on the linking thread. I hope the TWT team seeks feedback about the SOL challenge because there are some things that have weighed heavily on my mind that I feel compelled to share.


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