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penny candies

Big League Chew. Penny candies. Nickel gum. Orange Tic Tacs. Slurpees. These are the things I'd save up my money for when I was a kid. 

My brothers and I would scrounge up change and make the trek down Owens to Nellis to the corner 7-Eleven, crossing the superhighway of a road that Nellis always has been (or so it seemed to my little girl self). We would load up on treats just enough to give us the strength to make it back home all sugared up ready for another row in the mud or a dirt clod fight. 

There's something that makes me smile about all that. It was so simple, and yet it means so much now that the time has passed. 

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  1. Love penny candy stores - there is one on Cape Cod that we always go to in the summer. My kids are 14 and 16 now and still they want to go each year. These simple traditions seem to hold on the longest -- we need to remember that! Thank you for sharing a smile with me today.


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