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hardly ever too late

After finishing up reading Fahrenheit 451 in my high school classes this week, some things have sunk in for me. One is that realizing so much too late is something that people do—just like Guy Montag. 

You might be saying, "Uh, it wasn't too late for him." Well, what I mean is that it was too late for having a home, too late for his marriage, too late for a happy life with the person he realized that he loves. Mildred is the first person he thinks of whenever anything happens. He certainly loves her, but he didn't realize how messed up their lives were until it was too late for them. He makes it out of the city, but he's alone. 

Is it ever really too late though? Is there such a thing as realizing too late? In some cases, yes, but these cases are limited and the exception. With the love we have from our friends, family, and God surrounding us, realizing when we are in a mess is just the first step to greatness. It's never too late to step up and meet our potential. 

So many thoughts are swirling in my mind that I can hardly stop enough to write it all down. These few will have to do for today. 


  1. Never too late to step up. At the point you do the path very well may look different than it would have if you had figured it out sooner, but never too late for the big picture to unfold.

  2. I think many times we think it is too late when really it isn't.

  3. Arriving late,
    I remembered again
    that this world spins forward
    despite my own clock,
    and yet, I need to grab hold of the hands
    and cling the wheel, feel the sense
    of forward motion, and dancing,
    I find myself spinning, never late, never early,
    but arriving just at the time ...
    I needed to be here.

    -Kevin, lifting an idea to write a poem as comment. I think I was early ...

  4. This is so true: "With the love we have from our friends, family, and God surrounding us," anything is possible. Thank you for sharing!


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