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a wish come true

It's not very often that a wish actually comes true, so whenever it is that the stars align just right and it happens, we are required to be thankful.

I wished for some snow, and I got it.

Some of you might be thinking I'm crazy for wishing for that, but you know, it cleans the air, provides precipitation, and it's beautiful (at least to me, it is!). I'm not fond of ice, but snow is magical to me after growing up in Las Vegas and having to drive to Mt. Charleston once a year to get some exposure to the stuff. To have it right in my own yard is amazing.

So anyway. If you've been reading my blog lately, you'd know I've been decorating for Christmas early, and Christmas lights are simply one hundred times more sparkly when shining on a layer of snow. I caught myself wishing for snow despite the sixty degrees Fahrenheit weather we'd been enjoying.

I had decided to actually turn on the lights before Thanksgiving after I had seen a few houses in my neighborhood with their lights on, so I just needed to finish setting them up around the place. While I was busy doing that, the winds became quite cold and blustery, so I had to get on a coat, and I caught myself hoping again: if I could just have a little blanket of snow to make the lights so sparkly, it would be perfect.

The lights all got set up, and they look so fun and cheerful. We turned them on and delighted in their awesomeness. And then we went to bed, forgetting to turn them off.

I'm not really glad that happened because it's not a good thing to do, but when I woke up to a light blanketing of snow and the lights sparkling, my heart sang a bit. Maybe more than a bit. I felt like a tiny wish of my heart had been granted.

The whole thing made me smile, and I have a bit more hope that wishes can come true if you prepare yourself for them. I'm thankful for the snow, Christmas lights, and even just a tiny wish to have come true for me. I'm thankful for this beautiful life.

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