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A song with words. A melody. A string of chords and harmony. Music takes us where we were and where we want to be. I'm thankful for the access I have to such a wide array of music genres. I have a radio in my car, songs on a so-called phone that is more like a mini computer,  and the ability to play songs from my phone through the car speakers. I have a CD player in my kitchen, and a music player connected with my DVD/Blu-ray player. My children play various instruments to varying degrees, so I attend at least a handful of concerts every year, and there's a marching band participant in the house too, so there's hardly an end to that music. I love making and receiving playlists, which are like the new mixed tape if you ask me. I sing in my church choir, and on Sundays, there's always hymns to sing together as a congregation. There's just so much music everywhere that it surrounds me most days.

I do like a bit of quiet at times, so I turn off the noise, but then I usually catch myself humming a little tune or outright singing like I mean it.

I am truly thankful for what music does to make life better and lift my spirits.

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