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I was cleaning my windows today, and it was just so nice to have the extra light and warmth. With it being autumn, you just never know when it will snap to winter. It's like we are holding our collective breath for when we have to worry about slipping on ice and freezing our butts off for a few months. 

Don't get me wrong, I like wintertime. I like snow too. But it has been such a long metaphorical winter that I just want to hold onto the real sunshine a little longer. It seems to help me find energy to break out of my clouds.

I'm grateful for the continued sunshine that beckoned me outside to finish cleaning my windows. I thought about how my parents would joke around about how my mom doesn't do windows. My youngest daughter was outside helping me, and the other children were helping to clean out the car without needing constant reminders. It all made me feel so happy. 

I'm thankful for all the sunshine in my life. Happy times, the best of friends, my sweet children, memories to cherish, and the gift of today and each new day that I will have to bask in joy.

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