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Liberty. That's not a word we hear often. Freedom, choice, democracy, these are more of what we've been throwing around a lot lately (well, at least all of the Americans I know). But I want to focus on liberty as I write out my gratitude today.

Liberty encompasses the other words. It stands for freedom, choice, democracy, and our blessed republic. We enjoy the absence of being subjected to restraint, compulsion, and ownership of our person. There are social pressures forming by way of political correctness that can sometimes infringe upon our liberty, but for the most part, liberty is still within our grasp.

Today, I am grateful for the liberty I enjoy with my family and friends and community. Gratitude overflows for all of my ancestors who have made it possible for me to be where I am now with the opportunities and quality of life to exercise my God-given liberty.

For the good people around me who care about protecting our liberty and loving each other as the children of God that we are, I thank you. Thank you for collectively helping us all to enjoy liberty today and into the future.

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