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ice cream

It might sound silly to say I'm thankful for ice cream, but it's true.

Growing up, my parents had this cool, old (even at that time it was crusty and old) ice cream maker that you had to put rock salt and ice in as it turned the metal container filled with cream and other stuff into ice cream delight. My brothers and I used to have such a good time anticipating that homemade ice cream, which was typically banana nut ice cream since my dad loved it the most.

Also, I used to go to youth dances growing up, and when the dance was at a certain location, we'd go to the best ice cream parlor around afterward, with my mom buying for me and any of my friends who didn't have money to spare. She really spoiled us all.

Then we have the amazing discovery of gelato in my adult life, and I'm at a loss for the proper words. So delicious. So perfect. I dream about the pistachio gelato at that little shop inside the Fashion Show Mall from so long ago.

And you know something else? Ice cream is just really good.


  1. Loved reading your ice cream memories. My dad always made banana ice cream too! And those fun ice cream shops after stake dances were such fun. Hope your Thanksgiving holiday includes some ice cream.

  2. Ice cream is my love! Enjoyed your memories! Made me think of some of mine. This fall, I've been enjoying a daily ritual each evening--a small scoop of Tillamook coffee almond fudge (3 winners in a single scoop). And I just stocked up on some Old-fashioned Vanilla and French Vanilla for our Thanksgiving pies. May your Thanksgiving be blessed and may there be a bit of ice cream in it!

  3. When I learned I was lactose intolerant, I was sad for ice cream and milk shakes. But now Ben & Jerry's has four flavors of dairy-free ice cream! I share your enthusiasm for a dish.


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