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I'm thankful for veterans today and every day. I have many family members who have served honorably in the military, so I try to keep in remembrance what they have given and continue to give as their service alters the way they see the world around them, the way they treat others, and how others see them.

Veterans give more than years of service or wars fought. They give up the blessing of not seeing gruesome violence and harsh living conditions. They give up so much I can't even fathom it since I've never served in the military, but I honor their unspeakable sacrifices in order to provide a sense of safety to my family. My love and gratitude goes out to my brother who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, who was stripped of so much while out of the country. He continues to sacrifice even after being out of the military for some time now.

To all veterans who serve us so well, I give thanks for you and all you have given.

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