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candy canes

With all of our early Christmas celebrating, I'm making sure to think of small things we can do to make best use of the time. There's never quite enough usually, but with throwing in a few extra weeks of Christmastime, I'm being able to have a little more fun with the small things. 

My youngest has been hinting at and bringing up and making sure that we don't forget to have candy canes on the Christmas tree this year. I honestly don't remember a time when they've been forgotten, but maybe it happened once a long time ago. All I know is that boy sure wants to have candy canes, so when deciding what to do for family night, we got candy canes. 

I had the kids help me clean out the garage and fill up the car with donations for the thrift store, and then we headed out. Little did they know we would be stopping by a fun little treat shop! 

After dropping off the donations, we went down the street to a place I've only been to once and they have never been. We got there with fifteen minutes to spare before they closed, and it was magic. Every fun little treat was in this candy shop. And they make the sweets on site! The candy making wasn't going on then because it was almost closing time, but the magic was still hanging in the air for sure. 

We found cherry flavored, chunky candy canes in fabulous pink and purple stripes. They had so much fun looking around and finding a little something for themselves and the tree's candy canes. What a simple outing that brought so many smiles. And when we got home, we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas to get even more in the Christmas spirit. 

I'm so thankful for the extra time we've had to enjoy Christmas a little early. It's been small morsels of joy each day. 


  1. I'm so glad you're having fun. Way to go with rewarding yourself with something yummy. Chocolate is my go to treat when I need a pick me up. :)

  2. Love your idea of small morsels of joy daily! You've started the Christmas cheer early, and it sounds like your kids enjoyed the stop by the candy shop.

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