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I grew up with observing the sabbath, but then I went away from that practice for about five years or so when I was a young adult. When I finally decided to keep the sabbath again, it seemed like a hard thing to change back to not running around and shopping on Sundays—and making sure to go to church each week. Now that I've been on this track for nearly twenty years, I have to say that I can't believe I ever gave up this day of rest and slowing down.

I'm thankful to have one day out of every week when I slow way down, take time to attend church, and rest from the daily grind. I like to write letters to family and friends, read my scriptures a little extra, listen to spiritual music, watch nice movies, and the almighty nap happens on occasion. The rejuvenating effect it has on my family is something to be thankful for too. We spend time together without the rushing around and wondering who has to be where. It's just part of the schedule to spend time together.

What a gift it has been and continues to be to enjoy Sundays so fully.

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