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It's no secret that my life has been pretty difficult to take for many years now. Crushing stress from continual court appearances and all that entails, graduating with four kids and getting divorced, four kids. Working mom status. It's tough stuff some days.

But that's just one side of things.

I also have my four little friends who show up when my children are being their true selves. I have neighbors who are amazing friends. There are work friends and school friends and church friends and an abundance of online friends. I also have layers of best friends.

I have my BFF Forever friend who I've known since like eighth grade. Then there's my neighbor best friend who lives three houses down from me that we carpool to grocery shop and weird stuff like that to steal friend time. And I have a surprise best friend who sort of was sent to me because I just really need what this friend and I share. I didn't know I needed it until I got it, and it's even indescribable. With such a complex life and also never really putting much store in the whole best friend thing, it's no wonder I have three types of best friends. I need to overachieve on everything, I guess.

So anyway. I survive life because of all of these gobs of friends I've got. Absolutely surrounded. Like this past evening, one neighbor friend dropped off fresh baked whole wheat bread just because she felt like she should. I had made chicken soup from scratch, and that bread just drove it home. So delicious. And it made my children so happy to have that little bit of extra being thought of.

At times, I am wracked in my soul for wanting someone by my side, yet I am always reminded and comforted by the steady flow of friendship tiding me over. The fact is I am cared for beyond measure. I am thankful for all of the many friends I have in my corner, cheering me on, helping me do better than just survive this life. I am so blessed.

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