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I've needed to slow down a bit for quite awhile now, and today, I took that time. I cancelled everything—all the plans—all the cleaning—all the duties. I cried and smiled, sat silent and sang songs aloud, but most of all, I didn't tell myself to not do anything. I let myself feel the disappointment, worry, thankfulness, gladness, and loneliness that has been piling up in my heart.

I am grateful today that I saw the opportunity to carve out some time for me to just be and made it happen. I do feel a bit lazy since the dishes are piled up in the kitchen, the floors aren't vacuumed, and laundry is still not begun, yet I have had time to breathe, and I won't regret that.

I'm thankful that today went the way that it did, so I could experience the gratitude I do right now for having a day to just spend time taking care of me.

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