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new horizon

I haven't been able to revel in my horizon since it changed almost a year ago. It's been hard for me to let go of the view I had before me before I moved. It had made a place in my heart, and I loved that it had. However, the past few weeks have been warming me up to the idea of loving where I am, loving where I live, and loving where I might go from here because of where I am right now.

My perspective just needs to shift. It's not because I haven't made friends or I don't appreciate the beautiful mountain I live by. I think I need to let it continue to seep into my soul like the snow melting from the top and making its way into the smallest streams below. It takes a little time, you know. It has to. And it ends up being so good when it finally reaches the right destination.

I want to keep letting the snow melt into my heart, so I'll keep working on making space for it.

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